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Can you make sure all my money goes straight to the kids?
Peep Show, Channel 4's Comedy Gala (2010)

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Nostalgia and Fundraising

I've been following the astonishing Kickstarter campaign for LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow app. Last Wednesday (May 28), the campaign opened with a goal to raise $1 million by July 1. The goal was surpassed within 11 hours and in the first day, more than 40,000 people contributed almost $2 million to the project. The goal has now been increased to $5 million and as of this writing, they are more than halfway there less than a week into the campaign.

Even though Kickstarter is for for-profit enterprises, anyone who wants to do a charitable crowndfunding campaign can learn a lot from this. The Reading Rainbow team clearly did some excellent advanced planning, they have a compelling vision, and having a well-beloved celebrity spokesman doesn't hurt.

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Don't Get Zebras When You Need Horses

Fairly often I've had clients come to me with a project, "I need to get stories about our organization placed in the media," or "I need to set up a crowd-funding page for this project." As a consultant, I always feel like I have to ask, "What are you hoping to achieve? How do you know that's the best solution for you?"

Often - very often - those questions haven't been asked much less answered. But like a doctor prescribing treatments in the absence of a diagnoses, when you do that, you are just taking shots in the dark.

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