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Guest Post: Two Secrets to Effective Branding - Pt 1

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b2ap3_thumbnail_t_longfellow.pngTerri Longfellow Fuller is creative director and owner of Red Berry. She is an award-winning creative who likes to produce work that is beautiful and relevant. She has served a diverse group of businesses and nonprofits with projects ranging from motion graphics for the Oprah Winfrey Show, to complex design packages for Turner Entertainment, to streamlined campaigns for small organizations.



Two Secrets to Effective Branding - Part One

I am going to share my two best secrets for developing an effective brand. Many organizations do not understand the power of a strong brand identity. But the only way to reach your customer in today’s media-saturated marketplace is with clarity and consistency of message.

Your brand is another’s perception of your product or service. Think personality, character or charisma! At the highest level, a brand is an expression of your company’s essence. At the most basic level, a brand distinguishes you from the competition.


Secret #1: Define your brand at the start.

Conventional wisdom suggests that client input or marketing research should drive your brand. But I believe that the spark that makes your business unique is paramount! The key is to honestly express who you are. To start, follow the steps below. Then, use these statements to craft your visual and verbal communications.

Identify your skills, resources and strengths. Be conscious of your challenges and areas for improvement.

Develop a mission statement. Define the essential purpose of your company. Why you are in business and what do you hope to achieve?

Establish a company vision. Define the tangible outcome you intend to create. This relates to scale, fame and fortune.

Determine your core values. Express the guiding principles at the heart of the company. Live by them.

Define the target audience. Clarify the cultural, economic and demographic characteristics of your audience so that you know how to reach them.

Create company messages. What you do, where you do it, whom you do it for, how you do it, your key values, your personality, plus brand features and benefits.


Part Two: Make it all match >

For me, fundraising and communications go together like peanut butter and jelly – delicious & filling!

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