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10 More Fundraising Moments in Pop Culture

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The post 10 Fundraising Moments in Pop Culture was so popular I've continued the list. Enjoy!


The Head of Development Doesn't Strike Me as a Criminal Mastermind
Castle, "Home is Where the Heart Stops," Season 1


You Do Not Give Underpants to Charity
The Ricky Gervais Show, "Comic Relief," Season 3


The Best Charity is Always Anonymous
The Critic, "Sherman, Woman and Child," Season 2


Arts Council Funding
Yes, Prime Minister, "The patron of the Arts," Season 2


The Human Fund
Seinfeld, "The Strike," Season 9


I Can't Expect a Priest to Understand Poverty
3rd Rock From the Sun, "Charitable Dick," Season 5


It's Where All the Flavor Comes From
Parks and Recreation, "Correspondents' Lunch," Season 5


Now You're Just Throwing that "Grease" Money Around
Murphy Brown, "I Hear a Symphony," Season 10


**** NSFW warning - the clips below contain adult language. ****


Awkward Conversation with a Funder
The L Word, "Lynch Pin," Season 2


Samantha at the Breast Cancer Benefit
Sex and the City, "Carrie in Paris, Part the First," Season 6 



If you like these, check out the timeline Philanthropy in Pop Culture for more.

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